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A Message to Customers of The Sun Connection

Dear The Sun Connection Customers

We are excited to announce that Gaia Energy Systems has acquired The Sun Connection. We searched long and hard for a great company that would treat past and future customers with the same high standards that The Sun Connection has worked by for the last 18 years. This was no easy task, and we did not take it lightly as customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at The Sun Connection. So, when we met with Gaia Energy Systems, we knew right away it was a great fit. Also a family owned and operated company they have over 18 years of solid customer service and are Diamond Certified to prove it. With so many huge solar conglomerates out there we wanted another local company to continue our legacy.

Dave McElroy, owner of The Sun Connection is semi retiring but will still be helping people GO SOLAR. Your friends and family can still be referred to Dave and The Sun Connection, by calling the same number The Sun Connection has always had of . Gaia Energy System does offer a referral program that will be extended to The Sun Connection customers. They will pay both the referrer and referee $250 each! So, if you have someone in mind please have them call us. Sooner is always better than later when it comes to going solar.

Gaia Energy Systems will be handling The Sun Connection warranty issues should they arise. So far we are proud to report that all warranty calls thus far have been minimal and only for manufacturer defects. Hence, we do not expect issues but want you to know to call Gaia Energy Systems at if you have a problem.

Thank You for your original business and continued support of The Sun Connection.


Dave McElroy and The Sun Connection family

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