Solar Repair

Solar Repair Santa RosaWhen you need solar repair for your Santa Rosa home or business or solar maintenance on your solar energy system, Gaia Energy Systems is here to assist you with:

  • Commercial solar operations
  • Commercial solar maintenance
  • Commercial solar service

There is a lot that can be done to make certain that your commercial solar operations and maintenance are working perfectly. Here are a few things that the Gaia Energy Systems team does to check the performance of your solar energy operations, and general solar maintenance:

  • Utilize electrical tests and measurements to fully verify system integrity and performance.
  • Inspect the Solar array for any damage.
  • Inspect system components and wiring methods.
  • Inspect for any delamination, moisture, water leaks, or corrosion within modules.
  • Evaluate structural attachments and weather sealing.
  • Remove any leaves, trash or other debris that collects around PV arrays.
  • Evaluate surrounding plants or other obstructions that could shade the solar arrays.
  • Complete safety inspection ensuring current code compliance and arc fault protection.
  • Replace or repair damaged or failed solar system components.
  • System performance analysis to ensure that panels are operating at full efficiency.
  • System optimization for peak solar performance.
  • Verify code compliance and/or safety inspection.


Our solar repair and solar maintenance processes are very thorough because we want you to squeeze the most renewable energy possible out of your solar system. That is why we are very happy to provide our clients with commercial solar operations expertise, commercial solar maintenance, and commercial solar services, including solar panel cleaning.


Contact Gaia Energy Systems today to schedule your solar panel operations inspection and maintenance appointment. 1-877-424-2776.