Solar Power Fortuna

solar panels in a fieldThere is terrific potential for solar power in Fortuna, so why not jump on the renewable energy bandwagon with Gaia Energy Systems?

A solar power system installed by Gaia Energy Systems at a Fortuna residence or commercial property will pay itself off over time. How quickly the renewable energy system will pay itself off is dependent upon your usage requirements, lifestyle, and how you choose to use energy at your Fortuna location. Payback depends on how high a tier you are for price per kilowatt hour. A home or office that is a “high tier” energy user, which pays a higher price per kilowatt hour, will be paid back within 3 to 5 years. A “low tier” energy user will see a Return On Investment within 16 years.

Even if you have a long payback on your solar power installation in Fortuna, you’ll eventually reduce your dependence on renting electricity service from PG&E. Why put another dollar into a public utility when your renewable energy system from Gaia Energy Systems will eventually allow you to stop (or slow down) feeding the meter?

Gaia Energy Systems is the leader in renewable energy and solar power installations in Fortuna. Call a Gaia Energy Systems representative today for a free consultation.