Solar Panels Willits

Solar Installation In WillitsWho was a pioneer in solar panel installation in Willits? Gaia Energy Systems!

Who has remained a leader in the solar and renewable energy industry in Willits for two decades? That’s right…Gaia Energy Systems!

Look, we aren’t trying to brag. We’re simply trying to convey how passionate we are about solar renewable energy in Willits and the surrounding region. We’ve been installing solar panels since they were a hot new product in 1994. Only within the last decade has solar gone mainstream, and Willits is where it all started.

Over the past two decades, solar panels have become more powerful, lighter, smarter, and require a set of sophisticated design and installation skills. Since we have been doing solar panel installations in Willits for so long, we have been keeping up with all the trends and technologies in the renewable energy market. When you combine our solar experience with our C-10 electrical contractor license and our C-46 solar license, Gaia Energy Systems is a knowledgeable renewable energy resource in Willits. That’s why we have built such a stellar reputation for solar panel installations in Willits and beyond.

If you are looking to install, service, or maintain your solar panels in Willits, call on Gaia Energy Systems. Our team will be happy to consult with you on how you can benefit from going solar and enjoying a lifestyle that includes renewable energy and green living. Contact us anytime to schedule a consultation for your Willits home or commercial property. And remember, we don’t just work here, we live here!