Solar Panels Mendocino

solar panels medocinoSolar panels Mendocino businesses  and homeowners are turning to everyday for savings and efficiency.  Many Mendocino homeowners and business owners ask us about solar panels, solar power, and solar energy. Because these Mendocino residents are so smart and their questions are so good, we thought we’d share them with you.

Q:  Why should I choose Gaia Energy Systems to install solar panels at my Mendocino property?
A:  There are many answers to this, so here goes…

  • We are unique because not only are we licensed to design and install solar energy panels (C-46 license), but we are also licensed electricians (C-10 license) who clearly understand the engineering side of taming all the high-voltage electrical power your solar power system will produce.
  • We’ve been doing solar power installations and repair for 2 decades, business is booming, and we’re not going away anytime soon.
  • Because the design and installation is so important and we make certain it is done correctly, you won’t have to worry about early wear and tear or your solar energy system breaking down.
  • If something does happen and your solar panels require repair, we have the experience and cutting-edge analytics to repair your solar power system.
  • We are Diamond Certified.

Q:  Is it wise to invest in solar power for my Mendocino home or business?
A:  You betcha!

  • The costs of installing solar panels and complete solar power systems are so low, that in most cases, you’ll have complete return on investment within 3 to 5 years!
  • Even if you aren’t a high-tier energy consumer and it takes longer for complete ROI, you will eventually get rid of your electricity bill!
  • Remember, utility companies lease you their energy and you’re on the hook to pay them every single month forever. Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in a solar energy system that allowed you to stop paying that monthly bill?

Q:  How much maintenance is there for those of us in Mendocino?
A:  In a nutshell, very little.

  • If it’s done right, there is very little maintenance for a grid-tied system. All you’ll need to do is get those solar panels cleaned once a year….and yes, we can assist you with cleaning your solar panels.
  • If you’re running an off-grid system, you’ll have a little more maintenance because of the batteries you will need for battery storage and the necessity of a backup generator.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your Mendocino home or business can benefit from a custom designed solar power system tailored to your energy needs, contact Gaia Energy Systems at 1-877-424-2776 to schedule a consultation.