Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Santa RosaSolar panel cleaning Santa Rosa and Northern California can depend on to keep their solar panel systems working to the most optimal fashion. Solar panel maintenance can mean the difference between your system working effectively or not.

  • Is your solar energy system covered in dust, dirt, debris, or bird droppings?
  • Are your solar panels in need of some Spring Cleaning?

When you need solar panel cleaning, maintenance, or solar repair for your solar energy system, contact Gaia Energy Systems for commercial and residential solar cleaning services.

Proper solar panel cleaning is essential for maximum solar energy production. Extensive soiling can reduce array output by 20% or more. When your solar panels are clean, well maintained, and in good repair, you are protecting the investment.

Because clean panels are so important, Gaia Energy Systems and Blue Tail Industries have partnered together to offer the following commercial solar panel cleaning services:

  • Solar panel washing
  • Removal of weeds and obstructions around photovoltaic arrays
  • Replace damaged solar panels
  • Comprehensive photovoltaic system inspection
  • Solar energy system maintenance


Contact Gaia Energy Systems today to schedule your solar panel cleaning appointment. 1-877-424-2776.