Solar Maintenance

solar maintenance santa rosaSolar maintenance Santa Rosa clients trust is completed and up kept by Gaia Energy Systems, we not only stand by our work but it shows in our vastly growing client base. When we inspect your solar maintenance and solar repair issues, we are sending you a certified electrician who understands high-voltage, three-phase industrial electrical systems, and can analyze the solar energy system with all the cutting-edge tools to pinpoint which solar panels need maintenance or repair. Our certified electrician will use extensive experience and analytics to determine which modules are working fine, and which require repair. Once Gaia Energy Systems completes your solar system’s maintenance and repair, you will once again be able to utilize the maximum harvest of your solar energy.

Solar repair and solar maintenance should not be left to general contractors with little solar energy knowledge. When a solar energy system is properly installed at your Santa Rosa home or office building, your system should require little solar maintenance or solar repair. However, if you are in Santa Rosa and are in need of solar maintenance or solar repair, you may have a problem that needs to be addressed by an expert.

Located in Santa Rosa, Gaia Energy Systems has been doing solar energy system design and solar installation for two decades. We hold both a C-10 (Electrical Contractor) license and a C-46 (Solar Contractor) license. Our licensing in both areas makes us the most highly qualified solar maintenance and solar repair experts in the Santa Rosa and Northern California region.

At Gaia Energy Systems, we are passionate about harnessing the power of solar energy and look forward to assisting you any way we can. If you have questions about solar maintenance in Santa Rosa, solar repair in Santa Rosa, or solar energy in general, contact us at 1-877-424-2776.