Solar Installation Windsor

Solar Installation WindsorSolar Installation Windsor residents and business owners have been talking about for years. For two decades, Gaia Energy Systems has been fielding solar installation, solar panel, and solar energy questions from Windsor residents and business owners. Because their questions about going solar might be similar to your own, here are a few we thought we’d share:

Q:  What should I expect from a solar installation on my Windsor home?

A:  First, know that Gaia Energy Systems has been “in it” for two decades and we have emerged as a leader in the solar power industry. We maintain and service everything around our solar installations in Windsor, and with our real time monitoring, your solar energy system is bound to run at maximum efficiency all year round.


Gaia Energy Systems brings plenty of experience and critical licensing to the table. If it weren’t for our team of certified solar energy designers, solar panel installers, and electricians we would not be head and shoulders above the competition. Our team is well versed in an array of different solutions for your solar installation in Windsor. We use the correct solution for the correct application. Whether a roof, ground, pole, or even shade structure is needed for the mounting system, we have installed them all. We use Enphase Micro-Inverters or Tigo Maximizers  to mitigate shade. We choose the solar modules based on their high efficiency and exemplary warranty. These design choices keep your solar panels running at maximum efficiency.
Q:  I’m a Windsor business owner. How will solar panels make sense for my business?

A:  If your business is a higher tier user of power and you pay more than $200 per month for your electricity bill, you may be a good candidate for a commercial solar installation in Willits. Most high-tier power users see a return on investment within 3 – 5 years and the savings on electricity help drive business expenses down.
Q:  I don’t plan to stay here at my Windsor property for longer than 10 years. Why should I bother with a solar installation?

A:  The power company charges you based on your tier level of power usage. If you are a high-tier user, your monthly bills are higher than a low-tier user. For high-tier power users, the investment of a solar installation pays itself off within 3 – 5 years, which leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the savings while you’re there at your Windsor property. See graph below as an example .


If you are a lower tier power user of electricity, your ROI could take longer, however, a customized solar solution for your Windsor property will pay itself off and reduce your dependence on a utility company long before the warranty even runs out.

Also know that if you plan to sell your property, green label and solar energy generating properties tend to be valued more than non-green properties.

If you live or work near Windsor and would like more information about Gaia Energy Systems’ solar panels, the solar installations we have done in the Windsor area, or the cost savings of solar energy, contact us at 1-877-424-2776 to schedule a consultation.