Solar Energy Santa Rosa

Solar Energy Santa RosaSolar energy in Santa Rosa is rapidly growing, and Gaia Energy Systems is very proud to serve the Santa Rosa market with solar system design, solar panel installation, solar energy maintenance and service. We have been pioneers in the solar energy industry, and have been serving the Santa Rosa area for over 18 years. We are truly passionate about solar energy in Santa Rosa, and we are delighted that solar panels are becoming a more common means of producing photovoltaic solar energy to Santa Rosa homes and businesses. Photovoltaic is the process of turning light energy into electrical energy that is useful and useable energy.

Solar energy can power all the electrical devices and appliances in the homes and businesses in the Santa Rosa region. Because people pay for their power bills based on a tier structure of kilowatt hour usage, a solar panel system — even if not big enough to wipe out the full power bill, in most cases — will lower the bill over time. Santa Rosa businesses and homes that have had Gaia Energy Systems install solar panels see a reduction of their dependence on public power plants immediately, and often see a financial payback within 4 – 5 years.

Now do you see why so many Santa Rosa homeowners and business owners have jumped on the solar energy bandwagon? If you are ready to go solar and want to explore your solar panel and solar energy options, contact Gaia Energy Systems today for a consultation. CONTACT GAIA