Solar Electricity Santa Rosa

Residential Roof Mount Solar Array with Tilt RackingDid you know that solar electricity in Santa Rosa is becoming more common? Solar power is smart, efficient, and pays for itself over a relatively short period of time. No wonder Gaia Energy Systems has been installing money-saving solar power systems that create solar electricity in Santa Rosa homes, businesses, schools, health centers, vineyards, and more!

Solar electricity in Santa Rosa requires a lot of expert knowledge and experience, and that is why you can count on Gaia Energy Systems for your solar power design, installation, maintenance, repair, and overall service. For example, when you’re dealing with the design and installation of a solar power system, you are dealing with very dangerous levels of electricity. For safety’s sake, it is imperative to not only be licensed as a solar installer (a C-46 license), but also be trained and licensed as an electrical contractor (a C-10 license) to avoid electrocution, fires, and frying delicate electronics and equipment.

Gaia Energy Systems has been designing, creating, and installing solar electricity systems for two decades, and we are fully licensed and insured as C-46 solar installers and C-10 electrical contractors. This means that even after you have installed your solar electricity system, Gaia Energy Systems has all the appropriate credentials to service it over the years you own it.

If you are interested in solar electricity for your Santa Rosa home or office, contact Gaia Energy Systems today for a consultation.