What People Are Saying:

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“Thank you for the superb service and excellent value that you and your colleagues at GAIA have given me with my new residential solar system.  GAIA earned my business by offering the best combination of price and service.”

- Jim
Sebastopol, CA


“I do not recall the last time I was pleasantly surprised by such exemplary customer service, and to have it come from “the top,” no less, speaks volumes of the way you handle your business.”

- Edna
Citrus Heights


“There are a few surprises in dealing with Gaia you should know about in case you have a weak heart. They came when they said they would. It took the time they forecast to do the job. The price was what they said it would be. They are extremely well qualified to discuss solar energy, and they answer your questions carefully and thoroughly in language that is easily understood. They were cheerful and eager to help match their products and services to what I needed and could afford. Follow-up service has also been helpful as they monitor the system and liaise with PG&E. It all just proves that sometimes it’s nice to be surprised.”

Willits, CA


“THANK YOU. I want to say that I just love our solar array and the looks of it. I really think it is beautiful and beautifully mounted. It is also sooooooooo exciting to check the meter and find it running backwards during the day.”

-S. Bradley
Mendocino County, CA


I wanted to thank you so much for helping me to obtain the grant for the solar power installation! Your diligence, professionalism & caring far surpassed my expectations and I appreciate your support to get this project finished! I go out and look at that “little green light”daily and love these sunny days! Thanks for all your good work.

- Barbara Williams


Thank you sooooo much for our solar! It is so awesome.

-Stephanie Epperson & Family