Residential Solar Solutions

Solar Installation Solution Types: Country, City, Off-Grid, On-Grid

Humboldt County Solar Installation

At Gaia we are experts in all types of residential solar installation. From urban center to remote off-grid, we have the experience to handle all types of system design and installation, all roof top styles, ground mount systems, tracking systems, inverter systems and battery systems.

For most people who are currently connected to a power provider such as PG&E, SMUD, or a local municipal power provider, a grid-tied system is an ideal solution. Grid-tie systems are simple, cost effective, and very reliable. See the FAQ page for details on grid-tie vs off-grid vs battery backed systems.

For those who live more remotely, or in areas where power outages are common, or for those who desire to be completely self sufficient, an off-grid or battery backed system can provide you with reliable power independent of the grid. As these systems are a bit more complicated it is very important to have your system designed and installed by someone with extensive off-grid experience. Gaia’s founder has been living off-grid and working on off-grid systems for over 20 years.

We have the experience to insure that your project is designed and installed to meet your specific needs and that your system will operate reliably from day one.

With Gaia Energy Systems you will be amazed at how simple and fast it can be to go solar. You will increase the value of your home, and with today’s solar technology you have many high performing options that look great, so you can rest assured that your solar home will look beautiful. We handle every step of the process, working closely with you to insure your complete satisfaction.