Residential Solar Installation Willits

residential solar installation willitsResidential solar installation in Willits and residential solar solutions are what we specialize in at Gaia Energy Systems.  Willits is where our headquarters is located and it was a community that pioneered in residential solar installation and residential solar solutions. Because Willits is a great location with a sunny climate, it is a great area for residential solar installation, with residential solar solutions that can be customized to each household.

Residential solar installations in Willits are now more available than they were a few years ago for several reasons. For one, the choices for customized residential solar solutions have broadened. For another, financing solutions for residential solar installation are readily available, very affordable, and have an ever-improving Return On Investment.

If you are a higher tier user of power and you pay more than $200 per month for your electricity bill, you may be a good candidate for a residential solar installation. If you are a lower tier power user of electricity, your ROI could take longer, but in most cases, a customized residential solar solution for your Willits home will pay itself off and reduce your dependence on a utility company within a reasonable amount of time.

Gaia Energy Systems is not your typical residential solar installation company, for we are one of the pioneering solar design and installation companies that developed in Willits two decades ago. Because we are both residential solar installation experts and electrical contractors that understand the exacting standards and safety requirements of the national electrical code, you can be confident that our residential solar solutions for Willits-area homes will be designed and installed properly.

Trust Gaia Energy Systems to design your residential solar solutions and perform your residential solar installation on your Willits residence. Our reasonably priced residential solar solutions and our unique level of expertise is why we remain one of the solar energy leaders in Willits and all of Northern California. Call Gaia Energy Systems at 1-877-424-2776 to schedule a consultation.