PhotovoltaicWhat is photovoltaic renewable energy?

The word photovoltaic comes from the Greek word phos meaning light, and from the word volt, which is a measure of electric force. In short, photovoltaic is electricity. It is the process of turning light energy into electrical energy that is both useful and usable.

Renewable energy and solar power in Santa Rosa are growing in popularity. Photovoltaic, or solar power in Santa Rosa can power all the electrical devices and appliances in the home and business. For those Santa Rosa homes and businesses that use a lot of power, a photovoltaic system will lower the electricity bill and reduce the dependence on outside sources for power. In some cases, photovoltaic systems can almost fully wipe out the need to pay an electricity bill within 4 to 5 years.

Photovoltaic systems are the most promising form of renewable energy in the world today. More reliable than wind turbines and more cost effective than geothermal, these systems are really making solar power the leader in renewable energy. Not only are photovoltaic solar power systems in Santa Rosa good long-term investments, but they also play a large part in reducing our consumption of fossil fuels, and minimize our carbon footprint.

If you wish to have a photovoltaic renewable system installed on your Santa Rosa business or home, Gaia Energy Systems will custom design and install a photovoltaic system that will keep your Santa Rosa home or office humming along for years to come. Call Gaia Energy Systems at 1-877-424-2776 to schedule a consultation about your photovoltaic, renewable energy, and solar power options.