As the weather turns cold and the rain starts to fall it is a great time to inspect your home for energy inefficiencies and take measures to protect yourself from high energy bills.

Small maintenance procedures like checking the weather stripping around doors and windows can ensure that your house stays comfortable. Also installing a programmable thermostat, insulating hot water pipes, and other weekend projects can help shield you from rising energy costs as the temperatures drop.

For those serious about saving money, saving energy and living comfortably this winter, consider taking advantage of Energy Upgrade California™ in Sonoma County. This program helps residents and business owners reduce energy use and save money by providing access to approved contractors, rebates, incentives, and financing. Through this program, Sonoma County property owners address their energy saving needs by taking a “whole-building” approach, because it takes more than just switching out light bulbs to achieve maximum efficiency. Contact SCEIP or visit the website.

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