Recently, Sonoma County voted to offer Sonoma Clean Power to customers in the unincorporated area of the county. Now the question comes to your city! Do you want a choice about how your electrical power is generated? You won’t have a choice unless your city votes “yes.”

City councils will address Sonoma Clean Power as follows:

Sebastopol – May 7th 6:00pm

Cloverdale – May 8th 6:30pm

Rohnert Park – May 14th 5:00pm

Windsor – May 15th 5:00pm

Petaluma – May 20th 7:00pm

Santa Rosa – May 21st 4:00pm

Cotati – May 22nd 7:00pm

Sonoma – June 3rd 6:00pm

(Please check city websites for last minute changes.)

Take Action: We need to pull out all the stops now!

Our opportunity to reduce GHG emissions in Sonoma County will never be better. On our website you will find descriptions of actions to take. One important one is attending the council meeting in your city to tell council members you want a choice for Sonoma Clean Power. Read more here…

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