About Us


Hardy Kuenzl immigrated from Germany in 1981. After living off grid for many years, designing and installing many PV systems, and obtaining his electrical contractors license, he founded Gaia Energy Systems in 1994.

When Hardy and Kate Collins married, Kate added her expertise in business management and finance to the business, becoming a partner in 2003.

As a team they have built Gaia Energy Systems into the full service solar company that it is today, serving all of northern California, with expertise in all aspects of on-grid and off-grid residential and commercial solar design and installation.


At Gaia we believe that solar energy is a real solution for people and the planet. We recognize that meticulous attention to detail, outstanding service, and maximum quality at minimum cost will enable us to succeed in our mission to solarize Northern California.

Our Name

In Greek the word Gaia means Earth. In Greek mythology Gaia was Mother Earth, representing home, safety and security. We decided to name our company Gaia Energy Systems as a reminder of the connection between clean energy, the health of our planet, and the comfort and security of our homes.

Solar World Authorized Reseller